Task 3 ~ Film Study

For Task 3 you are going to be viewing the Australian film Oddball. Before you watch the film, I would like you to read about the town of Warrnambool, the Maremma dog and the little penguin. If you look under Task 3 ~ Film Study, you will find some links to help you with your research. Please make sure you take lots of handwritten notes.




Spelling Test 2

Here are the words for the second spelling test for the year. This test will be in Week 7. Make sure that you have the words copied into your exercise books and that you have a sentence to go with them all.

  1. hoarse
  2. humour
  3. practise
  4. chronic
  5. inefficiency
  6. icicle
  7. quieten
  8. murderous
  9. vicious
  10. desert