Advertisements to analyse for homework.

Here are a couple of advertisements you can analyse for homework.



Spelling Test 2

Here are the words for the second spelling test for the year. This test will be in Week 7. Make sure that you have the words copied into your exercise books and that you have a sentence to go with them all.

  1. hoarse
  2. humour
  3. practise
  4. chronic
  5. inefficiency
  6. icicle
  7. quieten
  8. murderous
  9. vicious
  10. desert


Spelling Test 1

We are going to start having spelling tests each fortnight. These will be held during ODD weeks, in the last lesson of the week. Make sure that you learn your words and that you can write them in a sensible sentence.

Here are the words for your first test.

  1. answer
  2. friend
  3. desperate
  4. weather
  5. embarrassing
  6. piece
  7. their
  8. among
  9. tonight
  10. truly

Let’s see how many people can get 10/10!


Task 1 ~ Autobiography

We have been reading some interesting autobiographical stories over the last few weeks. I hope that you have enjoyed them. For your first assessment task, you will have to write an autobiographical incident based on an event from your own life. Think carefully about what made the stories you read interesting and memorable and try to incorporate these techniques into your writing.

If you look under the Task 1 links, I have included some information about the writers we have been studying. I hope you take the time to do some extra reading. Remember, the more you read, the more you learn about the world and yourself.