The Amazing Spencer Gray ~ End of Year Project

Once you have read the novel, you will have the choice of what you can do as your end of year project. Enjoy having the freedom to be as creative as you like.



Task 6 ~ Creating a monologue to perform

You have come across some wonderful characters this year in English. Now is the time for you to choose one character to create your monologue.

Think carefully about an interesting incident your character has been in and how you will be able to engage your audience in your presentation.

I’m looking forward to seeing your performances.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

When you have finished reading your novel, have a look at the official Roald Dahl website. There are lots of interesting things on there for you to read and learn.

Some of you may like to read another of his novels. This will be very useful when you are writing your essay as you will have other examples to draw on and make comparisons with.

Task 3 ~ Film Study

For Task 3 you are going to be viewing the Australian film Oddball. Before you watch the film, I would like you to read about the town of Warrnambool, the Maremma dog and the little penguin. If you look under Task 3 ~ Film Study, you will find some links to help you with your research. Please make sure you take lots of handwritten notes.




Task 1 ~ Autobiography

We have been reading some interesting autobiographical stories over the last few weeks. I hope that you have enjoyed them. For your first assessment task, you will have to write an autobiographical incident based on an event from your own life. Think carefully about what made the stories you read interesting and memorable and try to incorporate these techniques into your writing.

If you look under the Task 1 links, I have included some information about the writers we have been studying. I hope you take the time to do some extra reading. Remember, the more you read, the more you learn about the world and yourself.